Wednesday, October 5, 2011

More Hard drives and the search for Asylum

Asylum: shelter or protection from the need for more hard drives...

Such is the fate of the digital filmmaker...At least the drives are getting bigger!

3 Terebyte back up drive received and used to copy my system drive.  Daemeon ran a diagnostic and found the old drive was running at 40% of the speed it should have been. Time to run an 3 T hard drive to replace the old system drive. I revealed some of my lack of tech savey when I discovered that deskstar is owned by Hitachi - who knew? not me.
So... needless to say this dance of the hard drives is coming to a close. Daemeon just copied the old drive onto the new and I'm convinced that this drive has enough speed to also do the dishes as I continue to edit.

Meanwhile... in my life with my camera - It is always a pleasure to film interesting artists!

ORG: Asylum the brainchild of Mali occured in all is insanity on Friday evening. The show was well curated.  I was thrilled to see Karen Montanaro perform a beautiful piece, mime, mask and dance.

Karen Montanaro
Cast members in the show that I have spent many an evening filming in the last two years included: UnAmerika's Sweetheart Karin Webb, Sarah Josselyn and Katrina Galore  (all in the Slutcracker Documentary!)
UnAmerika's Sweetheart Karin Webb
"The Madness and Moving Pictures of Michael Pope" Delivered storytelling that continued to capture my attention even after he stopped speaking... he continued, dimly lit, painting Sarah Paterson into a beauteous living statue. Other Musical high lights included the duo Hello Dust and Mali Jaggery took the stage with passion and authority.

Karen Montanaro,  Ginger Ibex and Michael Pope painting his living statue

The evenings event closed with a performance art audience experience brought by Amanda Palmer - nothing quite like putting the audience in the dark! We will see what all the footage looks like...I know I could see people that look like blue ghosts running through the room... very dark blue ghosts....

Amanda Palmer directs "Where's Jennifer"

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