Friday, September 23, 2011

Our Bodies Ourselves - 40th Birthday Fundraiser

Last night I filmed the 40th "Birthday Bash" Cabaret & Fundraiser for the non-profit organization Our Bodies Ourselves aka The Boston Women's Health Book Collective. Like many people at last night's event I have memories of this amazing informative book. So, of course I bought a copy of their new 40th anniversary edition while I was there. 
For information about the organization and their books -

I filmed from the catwalk at Oberon always fun, but a challenge when the performers are somewhere other then the stage. So,  I also brought my Panasonic Lumix to attempt to capture the stairs, bar and walk through the audience shots. I can't adjust the picture manually, which makes me put that Canon T1 higher on my wish list but... it does offer to capture footage at 720p HD and frankly looks pretty good for a hand held snapshot camera. I originally bought it to shoot underwater (33ft!!!) but...I have yet to experiment with that feature. I'm thinking...Mermaids? link thanks to sugar dish!

Some of the performers of last night's show are also in "Slutcracker Dreams". It's always a treat to see them out in this vibrant Boston scene; That frankly wouldn't be the same without them. Robin Maxfield was the MC, Malice in Wonderland performed with Rogue Burlesque and Lolli Hoops did a glorious number with Little L - an amazing ode to Rosie the Riveter.

Sugar Dish, Mary Widow and Karin Webb together performed "Our Bodies Ourselves" a beautiful, dance, cabaret, burlesque piece that really brought the book to the stage. I felt the piece honored the evening in a most elegant way. My personal Fav!

Lolli Hoops and Julia Van Daam at Oberon 9/22/2011

A full list of the talented performers who donated their skill and time:

Boston Circus Guild -
Boston Tap Company -
Jenny Zigrino
Johnny Blazes -
Lady Rose
Lilly Bordeaux
Lolli Hoops & Little L (Boston Hoop Troop) -
Marcy Goldberg Sacks
Marci Diamond & Teresa Kochis
Mary Widow (Black Cat Burlesque) -
Rachel Kahn
Robin Maxfield -
Rogue Burlesque -
Sugar Dish (The Slutcracker, Babes in Boinkland) -
UnAmerika’s Sweetheart Karin Webb (Axe2Ice) -
Vadalna Tribal Dance Company -

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